What we do and what we love

Corporate PR

Corporate PR focusses on your company with a holistic approach: history and stories, people and initiators, processes and production. From a behind-the-scene perspective we reveal fascinating stories, either by regular press releases, corporate publishing and corporate social responsibility. Through our broad communication spectrum we give your company an authentic, reliable appearance by a harmonious, consistent communication and rhetoric.

Product PR

Product placement will present your collections and products in photo shootings and thematic picture galleries in magazines. In this way your product reaches the consumer on different levels: it will be experienced, it becomes perceptible and therefore it evokes the desire to get purchased. Whether special interest magazines, consumer press, daily newspaper or TV – we position your products individually according to the season’s topics and trends. We create mailings, press releases, newsletters, press days and meetings at editorial offices in order to represent the brand and its philosophy. Furthermore, we send out digital press material and samples to suitable and according media.

Event PR

Are you planning to launch a new product? Maybe there is an anniversary coming up which needs to be planned and organized? We support you to turn an important happening into a first class event, which will be a momentous occasion remaining in the publics, clients’ and journalists’ mind and will provide authenticity and originality for your brand. We are well-experienced experts in planning, organizing and realizing charming and customized press events.

Social Media

The connection between brand and customer has reached a new dimension since social networks came up. Consumers as well as blogger post their opinion freely on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Hereby they shape and take influence on your brand’s image. We develop tailored social media strategies, feed your channels with suitable, exciting content and take care of blogger relations and the community management of your social media profiles.

VIP Endorsement

A lot of socialites and VIPs are trendsetters and style icons and therefore perfect ambassadors for your brand or product. By using audiovisual platforms like Facebook and Instagram as direct connection to their fans the importance of VIP endorsements regarding product and brand communication grows constantly. We equip selected VIPs with your brand for relevant events, interviews and TV appearances, whereby the desirability is enhanced and the image of your brand is strengthened. We will find the suitable, prominent face for your brand.

Influencer Relation

Due to their big presence and their prestigious reputation on social Media influencers have a huge impact on their Fans and Follower. We can connect you to any specific influencer that fits perfectly to your brand. They can represent your brand to the matching target group and guarantee you a positve effect on social media. No mather if instagram, Instastories or Snapchat with our intelligent strategies we connect your brand with the best matching influencer. We turn influencer into brandlover.